Unboxing & Builds

I have SO many videos in the editing suite I’m not even sure which to release first! My adult pair of croc skinks arrived safe and sound on March 6th despite unseasonably cool weather sweeping through the South. Unboxing and paludarium build videos will be … Continue readingUnboxing & Builds

Red Eyed Croc Skinks Have Landed!

Literally, my crock skink 1.1 pair arrived yesterday overnighted from California. I have a paludarium build video in the works so be prepared for all kinds of croc skink goodness!

Podcast is….alive!

OK, so the ChixPet podcast is not live yet, but the idea has taken it’s first breath! I acquired my Libsyn account early this morning and hope to upload a test podcast within the next week. As always, stay tuned to the blog for updates … Continue readingPodcast is….alive!

Helluva year it has been so far, so exciting! I want to introduce, my CBB Red Eyed Crocodile Skink CBB project where I’ll be posting everything croc skink!  

Wacky Wednesday!

I’ll make this wacky Wednesday. Here is my family’s Christmas card one year when I was little. Yep, that is me holding one of my four rescued iguanas who I solely cared for (yes my parents bought the food since I couldn’t, but the care … Continue readingWacky Wednesday!

New Beginnings

In with the New Year and new projects! On January 19th, 2018 my husband and I closed on a home and my reptile room project began in earnest. First I wanted a pied female ball python, then maybe a leopard gecko. Amazingly, the reptile Lords … Continue readingNew Beginnings