New Beginnings

In with the New Year and new projects! On January 19th, 2018 my husband and I closed on a home and my reptile room project began in earnest. First I wanted a pied female ball python, then maybe a leopard gecko.

Amazingly, the reptile Lords were gracious enough to have a HERPS show scheduled the weekend after we closed. I dropped by on a Saturday only 30 minutes after they opened and had a mild panic attack – most of the pieds were sold!

After 5 or so laps around the show, with two female pieds left, I decided on a beautiful 6 month old female from Pet Den. She seems super curious for a ball, happy to have her!

I walked around the show about 5 more times and a 7 month old leopard gecko caught my eye. She had great coloration and only $80. Done, end of show – back home with my new beauties!

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