You know that feeling of euphoria you get when do something you love?
Reptiles are my euphoria.

I have people ask me all the time – “why do you want so much work?!” Taking care of my reptiles is therapeutic and far from work. Once I enter the silence and warmth of my reptile room my stress melts away. Reptiles possess a wild innocence that sparks my curiosity; each individual animal has a personality that I can’t wait to develop.

I was eight years old when I started my reptile ‘rescue’ and was the sole caretaker for my four green iguanas. Of course my parents had to buy the food, but all of their care was up to me.

That love of reptiles has continued into my adulthood and I have collected quite the family of scaly pets. I hope to grow more in this amazing hobby in the years to come with breeding projects and educating others about how intelligent and rewarding reptiles can be.